Friday, April 14, 2006


33,000,000 Sleepwalkers? (Canada Eh?)

'Fools, he calls them. Well-meaning, but utterly naive fools who one day could pay the price if they don't wake up to the frightening reality of terrorism's tentacles in the world we now live in, no western country safe, and certainly not Dreamland.

He leans across his kitchen table in his apartment. "Have you ever sat in a restaurant and talked about politics with people and criticized the Canadian government?" Yes, I tell him.

"Because you are free," he says. "There is nothing to be afraid of. Could you live in a society where if you did that, you would be killed? Under the Taliban, you would never, never do that. You can't trust anybody. Not even your friends. They might say yes, yes, you are right -- and then tell the Taliban and the next thing there is a knock at your door and you are taken away and killed."

Read this story. See why our soldiers are proud to be in Afganistan. See why all decent human beings should support them.

Wake-up call needed in Dreamland

If you still question why Canadian soldiers are in Afghanistan, then here's another reason to change your mind:

She was married at the age of four into a family where she was treated as a slave, beaten with electric cables, stoned, her limbs broken with an axe handle, starved, burned and doused with boiling water. Once she was used as a human table top. She says her father-in-law tortured her further by literally rubbing salt into her wounds, an experience so painful she says she asked God to let her die.

4-year-old child bride or 4-year-old slave?


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