Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Youth Crime: You Be The Judge

Youth crime, guns, drugs are on everyone's mind lately. What should be done? Ban hand guns? Three strikes and you're out laws? Limit immigration from certain countries? Punish the parents of juvenile offenders? What's your choice?

Here is a link to a typical court appearance (bail hearing) by young (apparent) members of a Toronto street gang. Read the background information about their family situations and their previous criminal activity, then multiply them by thousands of similar youths in similar circumstances across Canada. If you were the judge, what would you have done?

What Would You Do?

(If your first reaction is to condemn the judge for being lenient, check out The Youth Criminal Justice Act and see how it restricts and directs judicial decisions.)

And last but not least, imagine what the cost of this single court appearance (just a simple application for bail) must be.

Confused by it all? Not sure what to think? Then try a dose of reality.


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