Sunday, January 22, 2006


We Shouldn't Get Ahead Of Ourselves

".....If no party wins 155 seats, the leader of the ruling party (the Liberals in this case) gets first crack at convincing the Governor General that he can form a government, even if another party has won more ridings. That's because the prime minister remains the prime minister until his government is defeated by another party that wins a majority of seats in a general election, or he resigns, or his government loses a vote of confidence on a major motion in the House of Commons (for example, on the vote to accept a budget)....."

Do you suppose the GG would say no to the guy who got her fixed for life? Would Martin dare take this course? And if so, could he prorogue Parliament after a speech from the throne and then keep control via order-in-council? A person with integrity would never thwart the democratic process, but in Martin's case can anything be ruled out?

Maybe stop by Walmart and pick up something orange on your way to vote Monday.....


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