Saturday, January 21, 2006


Taxes & Election Platforms

If you're still undecided about who to vote for, consider these basic election facts about where each party stands on the GST:

Gilles Duceppe: Keep the GST and send everything to Quebec.
Stephen Harper: Reduce the GST by 1% immediately and by a further 1% (ie total reduction of 28%) within a a couple of years.
Jack Layton: Eliminate the GST on feminine hygiene products.
Paul Martin: We have said since 1988 that the GST was unfair and the first thing we will do when we are elected is to abolish this tax altogether.

So it's fairly easy to see that the (approximate) number of Canadians who benefit under each of these policies is as follows:

Gilles Duceppe: 3 million Quebecers benefit, 30 million Canadians get nothing.
Stephen Harper: 33 million Canadians benefit, none are left out.
Jack Layton: 16.5 million Canadians benefit, 16.5 million get nothing
Paul Martin: a lucky few get a brown paper bag filled with cash, everyone else is SOL.

Seems to me that there is one leader whose policy treats all Canadians absolutely equally and is 100% non-discriminatory, non-partisan, non-sexist and pro-Canadian.
You might even call it a no-brainer.
Unless you live in a big city like Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal where the smog must make it hard to think clearly.


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