Monday, January 09, 2006


Second Book Says Martin Was Involved in Adscam

Radio Canada, in a story on the publication of the "Secrets of Options Canada" book, reports that a second book has been published claiming that Paul Martin was more involved in Adscam than he has admitted.

This second book, "Le déshonneur des libéraux", by La Presse journalist Gilles Toupin, describes the battle waged between the Chrétien and Martin camps during Adscam.
He says that Justice Gomery had no choice but to clear Martin due to a lack of hard evidence linking Martin directly to Adscam.
However, Toupin claims that Martin misled the Gomery Inquiry with respect to the extent of his relationship with the Everest Group principals, Boulay and Deslauriers.
According to Toupin, written warnings of the Adscam situation, which were received by Martin while he was Finance Minister were ignored.

The implication is that these letters which would have proven Martin's knowledge of Adscam were somehow kept from the Gomery Inquiry.

(Perhaps one of Stephen Harper's first acts as Prime Minister will be to extend Judge Gomery's mandate.)

Read complete Radio Canada report here.


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