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A Refresher Course For Voters: Bald-Faced Lying - 101

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Chrétien Promises To Get Rid Of GST In 1993

Even before the 1993 federal election campaign and before the Red Book, Jean Chrétien had made a pledge to replace the (GST) tax. For example, on the January 22, 1993 "CTV News," Lloyd Robertson reported: "Jean Chrétien has confirmed his Liberals will scrap the GST if they win the election coming up this year. But he said in Regina today, the tax would have to be replaced by some other measure and the party is looking at alternatives." Chrétien's statement on CTV that day was: "But the commitment we've made to the public is we want to get rid of the GST. I've always said that the GST will go."

On February 11, 1993, CBC "Prime Time News" confirmed that he had made this promise. Brian Stewart introduced a story on the subject saying: "If there was any doubt that Jean Chrétien might back away from his pledge to get rid of the GST, he pretty much put that to rest today. The Liberal leader said that's a promise he will definitely keep, no ifs, ands, or buts. And Chrétien said voters should toss him out of office if he doesn't get rid of the tax during his first year in power." A clip of Chrétien was provided in which he said: "Our objective is very clear-that the GST be replaced by a system which generates equivalent revenues. There's no misinterpretation there . . . . I say we replace the tax. This is a commitment. You will judge me by that. If the GST is not gone, I will have a tough time, the election after that. It's the only specific promise that I'm making very clear, and it is going, it's gone."

In the same story, Sheila Copps took a swipe at the Tory leadership candidates. In doing so, she made this prophetic statement: "Any pretender to the throne right now has literally been part and parcel of all of his [Mulroney] policies-the GST, the trade agreement.
    You can change the leader, but you can't change the party's policies.
" What the media have failed to point out is that apparently the party can also be changed with little shifting of the policies.

Liberal accountability

The most famous commitment, and indeed the most famous promise of the 1993 election campaign, was to eliminate the GST. To be sure, replacing the GST was not the only promise of the 1993 Liberal campaign. The larger issue, and one upon which the Liberals hinged their electoral fortunes, was that their promises would be kept. For example, Chrétien said on the September 15, 1993 "CTV News": It's all written here, so you can come with this book in front of me every week after I'm the prime minister, and say, `Where are you and your promises, Mr. Chrétien?' and we'll do the checking. And I'm telling you that everything that is written there I intend to implement."

To my way of thinking, Chrétien and Martin were cut from the same cloth, which explains perfectly why they loathe each other: It takes one to know one. They're both inveterate, pathological liars. The only difference is that Mr. Smalltown-Cheap was not known to use the phrase, "Let me be very, very, clear about this".
Martin learned from the master and learned very well. The same cannot be said of Canadian voters - who make Charlie Brown look like an all-star, when year after year Lucy pulls the football away and yet again, Charlie Brown ends up flat on his back.

"Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it". - George Santayana


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