Monday, January 02, 2006


Liberal Mantra: Do As I Say - Not As I Do

Recently, the Liberals brought an 8 year old speech by Stephen Harper to the media's attention with the obvious intention of scaring voters away from the Conservatives.

Unfortunately for Alex Munter, a former Ottawa city councillor and well-known gay rights activist and his apparent Liberal coconspirator, Brian Guest, who just happens to be one of Paul Martin's closest advisers, an unusually intrepid reporter uncovered the setup.

In attempting to deny that there was any ulterior motive involved, Munter said: "What's relevant here is the content of the speech, ..... Let's have it on the table and let people decide what they think of that. People have a right to know.'' (This about a speech that was given 8 years ago before the party Harper now leads was even founded.)

Curiously, there appears to be a (yet another) double standard at work here:

Last August, in response to the reasoned concerns voiced by several provincial premiers that the new Governor-General might have voted yes in the 1995 referendum, Martin's Quebec lieutenant, federal Minister of Transport Jean Lapierre, echoed Martin's praise for Jean and her husband, saying that "the attacks on their past are irrelevant". (Not wrong, not rude, not untrue .... but "irrelevant attacks" - which choice of words can only be regarded as purposely pejorative.)

So much for letting "people decide what they think...". So much for the "right to know".


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