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How To Destroy A Vampire

Common Methods:
Staking: The most commonly used method in the world.
Beheading: Avoid splattering of blood.
Sunlight: Some aged and powerful Vampires are immune.
Cremation: Found throughout the world; scatter the ashes.
Piercing with a sword: A blessed sword should be used.
Immersing in water: A bathtub can be used, but body disposal may prove a problem.
Drenching in garlic and holy water: Large amounts have to be hauled to the graveside to assure a clean kill; oil, wine, or vinegar can also be used.
Touching with a crucifix: Destroys a young Vampire but is normally used only as a repellent.
Trapping in the grave: Iron bits, red peas, rice (for chinese species), roses, garlic, stones, and holy water can be used.
Extracting the heart: Can be very messy.

Less Common Methods:
Stealing the left sock: Useful for only a few species; fill a sock with soil, grave dirt, or rocks, and throw outside of village limits, aiming for a river.
Injecting with holy water: Demands close proximity to Vampire.
Magic: Use only a trainer Sorcerer.
Bottling: Hire a professional Malaysian or Bulgarian Sorcerer.
Breaking the spine: Follow by decapitation or other method.
Using a dhampir: Some dhampirs are disreputable and untrustworthy because of their Vampire lineage.
Using animals: Cocks, dogs, and white wolves recommended.
Boiling the heart: Use in conjunction with heart extraction; vinegar, oil, or wine can be used.
Using Sabbatarians: Only if they wear their clothes in a particular fashion.

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Extracted from: Matthew BUNSON. The Vampire Encyclopedia.Gramercy Books: New York, 1993, p. 66.)


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