Sunday, January 01, 2006


Hey Paul: It IS The Law Stupid!

News item: Martin backs effort to keep gun-crime suspects in jail

This sounds like a great idea doesn't it? Mr. 25-watt-light-bulb has figured out a way to improve the justice system: Put the accused in jail before they have a chance to plea bargain. What do you suppose will happen? Of course!
The Innocent-until-proven-guilties will be falling over themselves to plead guilty, get sentenced to time served so they can get back to business as fast as possible. No need for plea bargaining now! Lawyers will find themselves out of work. (And don't forget that criminals are traditionally credited with double time off their sentence for jail time prior to conviction! So actually what will happen is they'll spend even less time behind bars than they do now!) What a win-win-win situation: The crooks are happy, the government looks good, justice is seen to be done in a timely manner and who needs lawyers! Wow Paul - absolutely brilliant!

Just one minor detail - in the case of Toronto for instance: How many empty cells do you suppose there are in the Don Jail? What's that you say? It's already filled to overflowing because of budget cuts for so many years? No Prob! That's what early parole is all about.
Yessir, Paullie has an answer for every voter. Just give him your vote and he'll give you an answer. That's the Lieberal way!

Serious question #1: Isn't there a single investigative journalist in all of Canada who can find a quote unquote "legal/constitutional expert" who will explain in plain English to Canadian voters before the electionwhy this simplistic bullshit pre-election rhetoric is exactly that?
The Canadian federal government (aka the Liberal Party of Canada) has spent the last 25 years since Trudeau repatriated the Constitution, trying to ensure that the legal system would come to a complete standstill before the rights of a single accused could ever be compromised. Not to mention the effect that all the Liberal judicial appointees will continue to have for years to come, in spite of any democratic protestations on the part of law-abiding citizens.

The problem has NEVER been the laws. It's the enforcement of them as you so well know , you multi-millionaire control freak.


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