Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Doing my Part

The Toronto Star is asking readers to tell them which party leader they prefer.

Hopefully, my letter will cause a few Liberal supporters to reconsider their opinions.

"Stephen Harper does not use emotion to communicate. He relies on facts. The best leaders, business, political or otherwise, all have this quality. If they're blessed, they also have charisma.
The more a person tries to win me over to their way of thinking by appealing to my emotions, whether it be a used car salesman or a prime minister, the more I resent their Trust-me-I-know-what's-best-for-you attitude.

"Historically, leaders have been held to account for the actions and consequences of all those who reported to them. Just because Paul Martin accepts responsibility for more gaffes than his predecessor, doesn't make him less responsible for everything else that's been done in the name of the party he leads.
He, of all people, should be aware of the seafaring tradition that the captain goes down with the ship.

"Jack Layton reminds me of a motion sensor light - put a TV camera or microphone in front of him and he lights up. The NDP needs someone who comes across as sincere rather than as a political opportunist - someone like Ed Broadbent for example.

"Gilles Duceppe is obviously a sincere and committed separatist - ie. a person who can sleep well at night, even though he is devoting his life to destroying the very thing that has provided him with a career.
What sort of person can be proud to say that he has spent his life trying to destroy what millions of other people have spent their lives to improve and living off it while doing so? Perhaps direct deposit allows him to disregard this fact when he receives his very generous paycheque every month.
Working to get a better deal for his province is one thing; working to destroy a country is another.


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