Thursday, January 12, 2006


Attention! All Canwest Global Editors:
New Marching Orders From David Asper

"January 11, 2006

Dear friend:

Peter Kent is applying for the job as Member of Parliament for St. Paul's riding in the federal election. It's not unusual for someone applying for a job to ask employers and friends to provide a letter of reference and Peter has asked me to do so on his behalf.

I've known Peter for many years both within the employment context and on a personal level. I've never really been able to discern his politics but I know that we think alike on most of the issues most of the time. Having voted Liberal myself more often than not in the past, it kind of surprised me that Peter offered his name for the Conservatives. But when he explained why, I fully understood his motivation.

The truth is, however, that in the case of Peter Kent, it actually doesn't matter which party he runs for because if elected, what constituents will get is a fine, decent, honest and hardworking Member of Parliament. I don't mean that in a trivial way. I have worked with Peter personally on very significant projects and I am confident that he can and will make a difference if you send him to Ottawa.

The need for a man of Peter's integrity became even clearer to me after hearing the Prime Minister say, during the last English language debate, that 'we've got to have a more intelligent debate. Enough is enough: this idea of drive-by smears doesn't make it true.', and then the next day he launched a series of advertisements that are some of the most insulting, base attack ads I have ever seen.

The Prime Minister is correct. Enough is enough. It's time for change and Peter Kent is someone who represents not merely change but, change for the better. I hope you will seriously consider supporting him in the upcoming election."

(Signed) David Asper

Update (Jan. 19): Izzie Would Be Turning In His Grave


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