Thursday, October 20, 2005


The Smell of a Rat

When I first heard the Toronto Star story claiming that the preliminary Gomery report would blame Chretien and exonerate Martin, a little voice somewhere instantly said 'Bullshit'. How extraordinarily coincidental, I thought, that the Toronto Star , of all sources, should be the one to break this 'story'.
Lorne Gunter's blog in today's National Post puts words to my instinctive hunch.

We already know, or at least we should accept, that the Toronto Star is one of the most politically biased sources of Liberal propaganda in the country; what else is new?
The real story here is the secondary propaganda 'tools' which picked up this 'story' and simply parroted the Star's version - not for an instant feeling any compunction to source the story or otherwise vet it.
This is the real travesty of Canadian MSM - that so much of it has lost all appreciation for objective reporting that they now are mindless accomplices in the production of partisan political propaganda.
I'm not holding my breath waiting for any of them to admit they've been had like bunko victims. Only they're not the real victims - we are.


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