Sunday, October 02, 2005


National Post Insults Readers With Wilkins Story

'Ambassador David Wilkins "respectfully disagreed" yesterday with undiplomatic comments by his Canadian counterpart Frank McKenna, who called the United States government dysfunctional.'

The National Post ran this story with the headline: 'U.S. Envoy Says Insults Hurtful'

The story aside, I'd like to know what creative genius decided to use the word 'insult' in this headline. Nowhere in the reporting of Mr. Wilkins comments is he quoted as calling Mr. McKenna's remarks 'insults'.
Apparently, this is a textbook example of the CanWest approach to news 'reporting': make sure readers are suitably manipulated before they even have a chance to form their own opinion.
Izzy Asper would be so proud of what his boy has 'accomplished' with the National Post.

To their credit I suppose, the National Post did allow this reader's letter to be published:
So Much For Diplomatic Discretion.

OH WAIT!!! How about this for coincidence??? (h/t to Wikipedia!)

Following the announcement of his appointment as Canadian ambassador to Washington, Frank McKenna resigned his position as ..... interim chairman of the board of CanWest Global Communications, a post he assumed upon the death of its founder and chairman Israel Asper.

How subtle, how devious, how disgusting - 999/1000 readers will never realize they're being manipulated. How effective.

Yet another interesting link: Here is a bit of background on Frank McKenna which includes the fascinating fact that both he and former US Ambassador to Canada, Frank Carlucci are members of the Carlyle group, along with relatives of Osama bin Laden. What an incredibly small world. No doubt another trivial coincidence. Damn! The bottle of Kaopectate is empty again.


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