Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Where Are The Banks?

As I was finishing up my previous post: "Criticising the Critics", I realized that I forgot to mention the role of the banks in my Alberta success story. Always give credit where credit is due I say.

So I say thanks for nothing to the banks which did sweet tweet to help me and so many other entrepreneurs who had vision but limited capital. And most especially, I curse the Federal Business Development Bank - or whatever they've most recently changed their name to. What a useless bunch of political tools; they get paid with taxpayers' money to screw everyone's dreams, then turn around and give millions to people whose only asset is political connections and whose only experience is how to "work the system".

But I digress. Has anyone else marvelled at how one particular industry is so conspicuous by its almost total absence from the list of corporate donors to hurricane relief in the US?


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