Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Is Anyone Paying Attention?

Updated Sept. 15, 2005

Two things I've learned from studying hurricanes the past few months:
The first is that no matter what happens, no matter what warnings are given, some people won't take hurricanes seriously and the second thing I've learned is that the MSM does very little to earn its money.
The first is no doubt due primarily to basic human nature - the belief that "it happens to other people but it can't happen to me".
The second is primarily due to corporate greed which has left news organizations staffed with talking faces who couldn't find a news story on their own if their lives depended on it.
I mention these two points now because for almost 2 weeks Hurricane Ophelia has lingered off the coast of the southern U.S. yet very few people have paid any attention to it.
And for at least a week, the United States National Hurricane Center has been predicting with amazing accuracy (just as it has been doing with other hurricanes including Katrina) the path of Ophelia as it moves up the Atlantic coast.
What I find truly remarkable about all of this is that for over a week the NHC has consistently projected the path of Ophelia as passing over Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.
Why have we not heard a word of concern from our governments, the Canadian weather service or the Canadian media about this?
Oh right. Of course. Canada doesn't have hurricanes. Just like New Orleans didn't need to worry about Katrina.

Update: The Hurricane Weather Centre of Environment Canada began issuing Canadian storm warnings for Hurricane Ophelia this morning.


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