Friday, September 02, 2005


Internet Scammers Target Hurricane Donors

Hurricane scams are the latest example of Internet fraud by individuals and organized criminals in the USA, Eastern Europe and Africa, says Alfred Huger, senior director of engineering at computer-security giant Symantec.

Bogus charities and scams divert money from legitimate charities that need all the money they can get, watchdog groups say.

Cybersecurity experts have several tips for consumers who want to help hurricane victims without getting ripped off. They urge donors to ignore e-mail asking for money and contribute only to organizations they are familiar with.

(And never, ever click on, or copy and paste, a link in an unsolicited email purporting to come from - or appearing to come from - a well know organization such as the Red Cross. You can be redirected to a fraudulent website having all the appearances of the legitimate organisation. Always type the name into the navigation bar.)

Don't get ripped off by hurricane cyberscams


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