Thursday, September 22, 2005


Don't Say You Weren't Invited!

When the Alberta government announced a few days ago that all Albertans would get a dividend cheque for several hundred dollars, there were many Canadians who complained about being left out. Well, as a (in)famous Canadian likes to say: Let me be very, very clear about this - you needn't feel left out any longer!

For all Canadians (indeed anyone, anywhere) here's your chance to share in the rewards that Albertans are reaping for enduring years of belt-tightening and penny-pinching. The Alberta government is giving away - with no strings attached - $400.00 to every man woman and child who is a resident of Alberta at any time during 2005. So come one, come all, everyone, everywhere is invited to share in our good fortune.

For those of you who might find it inconvenient to actually come to Alberta for a free vacation here's a link that tells you how to redirect your mail to anywhere in Canada ....wink, wink ...nudge, nudge.....

And please, next time you talk about Albertans, how about saying something nice?


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