Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Criticising the Critics

From today's Calgary Herald:
The Klein government's pledge to hand out dividend cheques was assailed Tuesday by political analysts and economists across Canada, who said the move is "short-sighted" and will only spark further acrimony toward Alberta.
I notice that the so-called 'analists' are from across Canada as opposed to across Alberta. Well that explains it right there, doesn't it?

I don't remember Alberta ever telling any Canadian that they couldn't move here if they weren't happy where they were. Which probably explains why Calgary has doubled in size in less than fifteen years.
"......But Alberta is cold, they're all redneck, religious fanatics, it's too far, I've got a pension, I've got a house, I can't afford to move, who'd want to live there?, I'd have to update my resumé, I might have to take a pay cut...." (feel free to add your own excuses here).

Well I'm one of the people who said I'm willing to risk everything by moving to Alberta and that's exactly what I did. And at a rough guess, I'd say half the people in Alberta today moved here from other parts of Canada to get away from the kind of bullshit attitudes that keep this country from being one of the greatest countries in the world.

I moved here with my whole family, and we helped our parents, brothers, sisters and friends to move here over the years (not one of whom has moved back east by the way).
I went broke, my family suffered for many years but we've made it. I'm now starting my third company since moving to Alberta and so far have created jobs for close to 20 people. I'm damn proud of what I've done and if I could have changed anything, I would have moved here 20 years sooner.

So to all you critics who call us selfish, greedy, etc, my question to you is:
Where were you when I was busting my ass to grow a business to employ Canadians in spite of some of the worst taxation and corporate regulations in the world? )Not to mention the unfair competition from Maccompanies which YOU are bankrolling with your pension funds!)
I'll bet you were sitting on your fat asses in Toronto, worrying about your vested pension contributions and spending the day talking to your financial advisor instead of contributing to the GDP like we were. Would you like us to send your share of the rewards for our hard work and sacrifice to to your comfortable homes in Rosedale?
Treat us like shit one month and then covet our hard-earned successes the next month? I think not.

And a special btw to Ontarians whose shorts are in a knot about this: Remember how Ken Dryden brought you a little bit of loose change in May for day care funding? Actually, it was hundreds of millions of who's transfer payments??? Tell you what: I'll send my refund cheque to a food bank in Toronto if someone in Ontario will send an equal amount to a bankrupt beef rancher in Alberta. Deal?

Oh yes, one more thing: No wonder Christianity is frowned on by so many in our society these days: little details like the 10 Commandments would make hypocrites of so many of you.
The 10th Commandment; Verse 17 "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house .... nor any thing that is thy neighbour's."
(Note: "Covet" is a word that is gradually going out of usage. One set of definitions of the word is:
1. To wish for enviously.
2. To desire inordinately or culpably ~ vi: to feel inordinate desire for what belongs to another.)

Personally, I'm a bit partial to another Christian concept which seems to be falling into disfavour amongst the trendy latté crowd: God helps those who help themselves.


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