Friday, August 26, 2005


What Do Elephants and Google Have in Common?

They never forget. Ever. And while we may have doubts about the elephants, there's no such doubt about Google.

Most people have no idea how close to 'Big Brother' Google is. Credit bureaus and banks are legally required to destroy customer's personal information after a certain number of years, usually seven or less.
But there are no such legal restrictions on Google. They acknowledge that they archive every single search string you enter (along with your IP address) forever!
And they store cookies on your computer that don't expire for over 30 years!

Read Why I Am Boycotting Google and be informed.

And if you put this digital history of everything and everyone in the context of the proposed Internet Security legislation, we won't have to be content with a possible 15 minutes of fame. Because every single person reading this has already been immortalised - digitally speaking.

Internet legislation of any kind will never be credible, unless and until it satisfactorily addresses this complete destruction of the basic personal privacy of every single man, woman and child.


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