Saturday, August 27, 2005


Terrorism? No Problem. Paul's Got It Covered.

Various sources have suggested that the Liberal government will introduce legislation this fall to give the government complete and unfettered access to all communication on the internet, ostensibly to fight terrorism.

Before you breathe a sigh of relief that the Liberals have your best interests at heart, consider this:

Paul Martin effectively appoints the Queen's representative in Canada - the Governor-General who is in fact, the titular head-of-state except when the Queen is in Canada, appoints all Supreme Court justices (actually appoints ALL judges I believe, both federal and provincial who are above the municipal level), appoints all members of the Senate, appoints the federal Cabinet, appoints the Ombudsmen, appoints the Ethics Commissioner, appoints the Chief-of-Staff of the Canadian Armed Forces, appoints the Commissioner of the RCMP, appoints the Chair of the CBC (which could obviously be a wonderful propaganda tool, should he ever choose to use it that way)..... (Please feel free to suggest other areas that the PMO controls.)

So who do you suppose will have ultimate control - without public scrutiny, for security reasons of course - of the proposed internet surveillance apparatus? All this without any meaningful consultation, all without meaningful scrutiny by the media, with not so much as a spilled latte in veryveryland".

Remember the jokes about so-called democratic votes in countries like Libya, Iraq, Syria, North Korea where there's only one person to vote for?

How is Canada any different? If you don't live in Ontario, what difference does it make in a federal election whether you've got one candidate or 100 candidates to vote for? We all know who will form the next government before we wake up to vote. That's not participatory democracy. In what way is it not at least partly true to say that the only thing that sets us apart from those other countries on election day is that we are, by and large, very rich peasants who increasingly need to be urged to excercise our democratic "right."

Remember this quote from May 2005?

"(The Prime Minister) gave me his assurance, I looked him in the eye, he gave me his assurance he is serious about democratic renewal, and I felt that this is a way I can make a contribution to Canada." - Belinda Stronach.

Yeah, right.....sounds like a tape recording....

"I have just returned from Berlin, and I am pleased ....that Mr. Hitler gave me his solemn assurance that he ..... so that we shall have peace in our time!"

(Perhaps this comparison is not altogether fair; I'll make a note to check with Scott Brison about "fairness".
PS: If anyone can email me the complete, actual text of Mr Chamberlain's speech, I would be extremely grateful. Tia.)


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