Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Maple Leaf Blog EXCLUSIVE! New Photo Radar in Calgary, Alberta!

Latest Update: I have been assured by several Calgarians that these are pictures of real photo radar garbage cans and they really are being used in Calgary. Maybe the Calgary Police Service got the idea from the internet pictures Sheila refers to in her comment. Believe it or not...

Update: I hate to admit that I've been had, but Sheila has commented that this is apparently the pictorial equivalent of a chain letter. It came to me from a close friend who saw it circulating in her office. Someone familiar with Calgary had included details which only a Calgarian would know. It also looks very much like Calgary. As a Calgary driver who has been photographed more than a few times by our infamous photo radar police (who use all sorts of vehicles), I'm somewhat surprised that they haven't thought of this. Apparently they've never received the chain letter!

Original post:

Here at the centre of Canada's high-tech universe is an example of technology gone berserk.

Thanks to the creative genius of the Calgary Police Service they will be able to collect even more money for our beloved city. This brings to mind how popular casinos became once provincial governments realized how much money they could make without doing anything to earn it.
Notice in the 3rd and 4th pictures how the "garbage" can is skillfully hidden behind an average-size tree.I would like to offer a bounty to the first person who steals one of these. Just kidding! - But if you run one over (accidentally of course), that should be worth a gift certificate or something.
Hopefully, I'll encounter one while taking my dog on his constitutional. He loves to 'mark' everything and surely a bag or two of doggie doo wouldn't be out of place either. (Another blogging scoop for Mapleleafblog!)


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