Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Fuck Prof. Lauzon

Today's Montreal Gazette contains an interview with Leo-Paul Lauzon, who holds a chair in social economy at the Université du Quebéc à Montréal. The esteemed Prof. Lauzon believes that the oil industry in Canada should be nationalized. Of course in a democracy, everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, very few people are deemed worthy of having their words published in leading newspapers, much less be interviewed by a highly paid, professional, newspaper correspondent. So what really makes Prof. Lauzon noteworthy is that the Montreal Gazette saw fit to provide him with a soapbox. Nobody should be surprised - least of all the redneck knuckle-draggers of Alberta - that an eastern Canadian newspaper could eventually find someone who would slag western Canadians, now that Parizeau and Landry have stopped shooting their mouths off.

However what I find absolutely despicable and entirely provocative is the fact that the Gazette saw fit to reproduce Prof.Lauzon's response when asked whether he thought a nationalization program would "create a similar (they don't explain similar to what) backlash in Alberta". Lauzon's response was:

"I don't give a damn about what Albertans think."

To which I, with all due respect, as a Canadian living in Alberta say:


But most of all, I say to the Montreal Gazette:

Good job on helping Canadian unity. A stellar demonstration of MSM journalistic integrity. Your newspaper is shit. In fact, imo, your newspaper is an obscenity to everyone who sincerely cares about Canada and who believes that respect is a two way street.

Addendum: To their credit I suppose, CNEWS ran the story without mentioning the professor's opinion of Albertans.

(h/t to George Carlin, for leading the way - for better or worse....)


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