Wednesday, August 24, 2005


The 3 Words You Can't Say in Alberta

Some years back, George Carlin became famous for a comedy skit called: "The Seven Words You Can't Broadcast."

Well, as any TV or radio listener can attest, it ain't funny any more. No biggie. Profanity is now a staple of our culture - like it or not. In fact, there are probably very few words left in the English language which can raise the eyebrows of most people under the age of 80.
Just recently, a Canadian media group (Canadian Assn. of Broadcast Journalists perhaps?) has added the "f" word to their officially sanctioned list of acceptable words which no longer need to be bleeped - provided that they're used "in context".

That being said, someone really needs to remind the media that in Alberta, there will always be three words which are without question the most obscene words ever spoken in this province: National Energy Program.

Which brings me to the interview with Prof. Lauzon in the Gazette..............


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