Saturday, June 04, 2005


Speaking of Hidden Agendas

Yesterday, I posted Murphy Should Fall on His Sword which mentioned in passing the fact that Paul Martin is a notorious micromanager - which I suggested gives the lie to his claim that he knew nothing about Adscam while he was the Minister of Finance.
Coincidentally, Bob at eitherorr made an extremely intriguing point in a similar post on this subject ("One Word...." - posted on June 3rd) part of which I have copied here:
"Two years ago, several key members of the Martin Jr. government either weren't in the Parliament or weren't in the Librano Party.
Tony Valeri? A Liberal, but put up against Martin foe Sheila Copps.
Uddal Dosangh? A failed New Democrat premier in British Columbia.
Scott Brison? A PC who didn't get a top slot when the PC and Reform parties merged to form the Conservative Party of Canada.
The Honorable B.S.? Not even in politics two years ago, but preparing to run for the new Conservative Party leadership post.
Valeri is the Librano leader in the House; Dosangh, Brison and B.S. hold major portfolios.
None owes loyalty to the Librano Party so much as they owe loyalty to Paul Martin Jr.
No doubt there are many others who owe their loyalty first to Martin Jr., then to the Librano Party."

After reading Bob's post, several pieces of seemingly unrelated information suddenly fitted together like a hand in a glove.
In a former 'life', I spent several years working with senior management at two crown corporations. More than enough time to become aware of what it takes to survive in large corporations which are strongly influenced by the underlying government 'presence'. It's essentially a pack mentality where each person (consciously or not) forms an allegiance to a particular pack and its leader. Then you lose sight of the overall corporation and tend to focus on furthering the ambitions of your particular pack at the expense of the larger picture. This is doubtless true of any large corporation, but it is especially so at crown corporations because ultimate accountability is non-existant. By and large, each person's immediate superior controls their fate which alters the dynamics tremendously. There is noone and nothing else to consider. Anyone who tries to see the 'bigger picture' sticks out like a sore thumb and their days are numbered simply because they're not adding any value to their supervisor's realm. And there's no one to turn to at a higher level because they're all playing the survival game too.
So putting Martin's micromanagement style together with Bob's post about the newbies that Martin seems to surround himself with, plus my own experience, this statement made me slap my forehead and say, "Of course! It all makes sense!".
Paul Martin has transplanted his corporate administrative mentality onto the Liberal Party and thus onto the senior levels of the government, where it percolates down until the entire organization is infected. My epiphany was in realizing that he has purposely surrounded himself with less than experienced people, people who know they are out of their depth and whose survival and careers depend on him. So of course their allegiance is to him - not to the party, not to Parliament and certainly not to Canada. There isn't any 'Martin Team' - that's PR fiction. In fact, there is a king - masquerading as a gee whiz type of nice guy - who is surrounded by sycophants and synchophants, all of whom have no ambition beyond riding the gravy train to personal fame and fortune.
The truth is that Paul Martin is a master manipulator. For example, I watched him being interviewed a few months ago by Rick Mercer (as they carved pumpkins together!) and marvelled at how out of character he seemed to be, acting hip and cool and moulding himself perfectly to Mercer's style. But he was totally acting so young people would say, 'Hey that Paul Martin is one cool dude - I'm gonna vote for him!'. Imo he used Mercer just like he's using everyone around him in the government.
Now I see how his particular brand of corporate mantra begets our present state of government: When you make a deal, if you don't screw the other guy, then you missed a better deal. Some deal.
He's Conrad Black, the Reichmanns, the Aspers, the McCains, the Irvings, all rolled into one corporate tycoon who has gotten control of the biggest company in Canada - our government! And he's running it just like a company only with no accountability to the shareholders.
This explains perfectly why Brison, McLellan, Murphy, Dosanjh et al are so slavishly faithful to him. No wonder so many MPs left after he became Prime Minister. They were unwilling to swear allegiance to the new king.
Martin and Chr├ętien are two sides of the same coin; the only difference is cosmetic. Which explains why it was impossible for them to coexist.
Thank God Martin doesn't have Trudeau's or Mulroney's charisma. As it is,it'll be hard to get rid of him but he won't survive. And when he goes, he will vaporize, because he is making lots of enemies within his party - just like he would by running a corporation like this.
One other point and I would say arguably the most important point of all: Paul Martin is absolutely and totally responsible for everything that has happened and will happen involving any of his subordinates, because they were only carrying out his orders. Like so many other Canadians, he had me fooled. But no longer. He's a malignant tumour that requires radical surgery.


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