Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Separatists Cry Oh! Canada! - Mounties on the Way

Well, the waiting game is finally over. On May 16th, Gurmant Grewal informed Stephen Harper that he had taped conversations with Tim Murphy et al. Finally, on June 1st, over 2 weeks later, the RCMP has acknowledged that it is investigating a complaint made by the Bloc Qu├ębecois, regarding alleged impropriety on the part of Prime Minister Paul Martin's Executive Assistant Tim Murphy and Conservative MP Gurmant Grewal. What delicious irony that Her Majesty's most dutiful servant in the Canadian Parliament is none other than Gilles Duceppe, the head of the separatist party.

This significant development seems to have escaped MSM attention as the confirmation of RCMP involvement is only very briefly mentioned in the midst of an article which focusses on the ethics of Gurmant Grewal's tape recordings. Also stepping into the picture is the Ethics Commissioneer who is an appointee of the Prime Minister. Oddly, it seems as if this isn't news because I can't find it being reported anywhere else.

"Amid NDP and Bloc Quebecois demands for Dosanjh's resignation, the RCMP confirmed it is looking at a Bloc complaint about the affair. As well, Parliament's ethics watchdog received a formal letter from the NDP requesting he investigate the actions of both the Liberals and Grewal".

Read story at CNEWS:

Grewal Ethics Questioned


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