Friday, June 03, 2005


Peter Mackay Fires a Zinger

From CTV WebNews - June 3rd:
In the House of Commons on Friday, Conservative Deputy Leader, Peter MacKay kept up the heat on the government.
"The Prime Minister's chief of staff and his minister of health are caught red-handed acting as agents, trying to buy Tory votes to save a corrupt government," MacKay said.
"Isn't the real reason the minister of health and the prime minister's chief of staff remain is because they were simply acting on the prime minister's instructions to do whatever was necessary to save his corrupt government?," MacKay went on to ask.
"Why hasn't the let's-make-a-deal prime minister fired his chief of staff for even attempting to manipulate an officer of parliament?"

The Conservatives need people like Peter Mackay to take the fight to the Liberals. This sounds like his heart is back into politics. Good for him and good for the Conservatives.

Read complete CTV story here: Ethics Commissioner investigating Grewal tapes


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