Monday, June 20, 2005


Just Me and My Bluetooth... and...

Is Bluetooth really the best thing since sliced bread ...err... make that swiss cheese?
Perhaps not. Apparently, these trendy items have a hole in their design that's just big enough for a hacker to sneak through.
A technical paper just published by two Israeli researchers explains how most Bluetooth users could be hacked by any computer in their vicinity and probably never realize what had happened. Worst of all, the research indicated that a hacker would need only a few seconds to successfully connect to an unsuspecting Bluetooth user.
As this article in the Wall Street Journal explains, the weakness lies in the devices such as headsets which limit the user to a 4 digit code. Amazingly, it's possible using the right equipment to hack a 4 digit code in less than 1 second.

Your Bluetooth Device May Have a Hole in it


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