Sunday, June 05, 2005


Is Duceppe Quitting the BQ?

Revised. The following article by Chantal Hébert (Toronto Star) contains some interesting speculation about whether or not Gille Duceppe will leave federal politics to lead the provincial Parti Québecois now that its leader, Bernard Landry has quit. She also covers the implications that such a move might have on the dynamics of federal politics.

The Toronto Star - June 5: Resignation puts pressure on Bloc's Duceppe

In addition to the points raised by Hébert in her article, another reason to speculate on Duceppe's future is the fact that he gave a speech to the PQ convention which clearly outshone the others, including Landry. It begs the question of whether such a bold speech was Duceppe's way of saying that he is ready and willing to leave Ottawa and focus on the next provincial election in Quebec; to test the waters without stepping on toes or making a formal commitment. Duceppe is by far the most popular politician in Quebec, seen by many, if not most francophones as competent, honest and sincere. If he were to lead the Parti Québecois in the next Quebec election, it would almost certainly guarantee a landslide victory, which would in turn be justification for a very quick referendum. Under the present circumstances and led by Duceppe, Quebecers would most likely vote for independence; my guess would be 60/40 in favour. Working on this assumption, Canada only has one more kick at the can before it's too late. Judging by the state of our Federal government, things don't look too promising.


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