Thursday, June 02, 2005


Fur Flies Fast and Furious

"Ujjal Dosanjh accused the Tories of omitting more than two hours of conversation as well as doctoring the tapes, cutting out some material and splicing other parts to make them more incriminating.
'I can tell you that the translation is inaccurate in places from my knowledge of my own mother tongue, Punjabi, and from my recollection of the conversation in English and in Punjabi. Any reasonable person could come to a conclusion, a strong conclusion, that these tapes may have been altered,' he said.

From the Montreal Gazette - June 2. Liberals Claim Tapes Were Doctored

Dosanjh certainly seems emphatic and splicing the tapes would certainly explain why it took so incredibly long to transcribe them (and why not just release the tapes as is?) After all, Grewal did put them on his website in the end anyway. But there is definitely at least one liar here. I can only think of one reason why Dosanjh would make such emphatic denials, unless he was telling the truth. That's if the Liberals were caught totally flat-footed by the contents of the tapes. But if Grewal really did splice and/or rerecord the tapes, he's about to learn more than he ever wanted to know about forensic sciences. As some of the Tories are hinting, Grewal has not got a totally unblemished background.


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