Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Employment Opportunity: Canadian Deep Throat

Last night I read the Grewal transcripts and tried to make sense of them. But they simply raised more questions than they answered. As I was blogging this morning, I read a comment in CQ decrying the fact that Canada has no Woodward and Bernstein (of Watergate fame). Well actually we do. We have thousands of Woodwards and Bernsteins. They're called bloggers. What we're missing is the 'Deep Throat' - the person(s) who has the facts and is sufficiently concerned to make the truth known.
My comment at CQ:
Re Woodward and Bernstein: Although they were an integral part of the story, Watergate was a long, mind-numbing legal process that took many months, involved hundreds, if not thousands of people and ultimately depended on a decision by the U.S. Supreme Court. And all that was in order to find out the truth about a single incident - an otherwise innocuous break-in at an office building. They discovered a corrupt President and group of advisors.
We have discovered an entire bureaucracy where graft, patronage and criminal activity including large-scale embezzlement of public funds is systemic. It will take years to see real meaningful, change. Until we acknowledge and take concrete legislative steps to address the systemic rot in the federal government bureaucracy, then throwing the Liberals out is merely change for the sake of change.


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