Monday, June 06, 2005


The Caine Mutiny: Opening Soon in Ottawa?

Older folks and Bogie fans have surely heard of the Caine Mutiny(*). First a book by Herman Wouk, then a play, then a movie and now, could it be coming to life in Ottawa?
We're short on facts, but a few are all we need.
First Roger Gallaway (MP since 1993), then Pat O'Brien (MP sine 1993) and now Anne Cools (Liberal Senator from 1984-2004, now sitting as a Conservative). As is evident from these links, each of these individuals is highly principled and sincere in their convictions. Obviously, they've had enough.
Good for them. Good for Canada.
Bad for Captain Queeg.

Look at the picture of Bogie playing the part of Captain Queeg. Now look at the picture of Martin playing himself. See what I mean?

(*) During the Second World War, onboard a small insignificant ship in the U.S. Pacific Fleet, an event occurs unlike any that the United States Navy has ever experienced. A Ship's Captain is removed from his command by his Executive Officer in an apparent outright act of munity. As the trial of the mutineers unfold, it is then learned that the Captain of the ship was mentally unstable, perhaps even insane. The Navy must then decide: was the Caine Mutiny a criminal act? Or an act of courage to save a ship from destruction at the hands of her Captain.


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