Friday, June 03, 2005


Brison's Price?

From CNews, June 3:
All signals say Canada will soon become just the third country worldwide to legalize gay weddings.
Senators will sit well into July if need be to consider same-sex marriage and two budget bills. Jack Austin, the government leader in the Senate, made the commitment Thursday in response to news that the Liberals will push the bills through the House of Commons.
If passed as expected, Canada would join a vanguard of gay marriage-friendly nations that includes only Belgium and the Netherlands.
Prime Minister Paul Martin says it's essential that the legislation clear the House - even if MPs must stay later than June 23, the last scheduled day for this sitting.
"There's no doubt that . . . it's legislation that must pass," Martin said. "And we want it to pass. And parliamentarians are here to do the job."
It's more likely that the Liberals, supported by most NDP and Bloc Quebecois MPs, will cut off debate rather than extend the House sitting.

It's wonderfully reassuring to know that all is well in Canuckistan. We know because Paul Martin tells us so. And if 50% of Canadians aren't ready to swallow this? Well, after all, Aunt Polly knows what's best for us. But he does seem uncommonly anxious to ram his gay thing down Canadians' collective throat. Just tell me one thing Aunt Polly: How cum the word marriage - which is in essence a part of religious dogma, is so important to people who, for the most part, have nothing but utter contempt for religious dogma? Ya don't know, huh? I'm not surprised.
Oh well, if it feels good, just do it, eh Aunt Polly? And one more question Aunt Polly: How cum in your own words, "'s essential that the legislation clear the House"? You didn't make a promise to a certain someone in return for a certain someone crossing the floor a while back, did you?

Prime Minister Tells Canadians to Bend Over and Get Used to It.Bend a Bit and Get Over It.


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