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Asper Paper Warns of Liberal Threat to our Democracy

I haven't been able to make up my mind about the Grewal tapes. It looks like a duck and walks like a duck but it smells like pig. The only conclusion I can reach is there's more to this than meets the eye. There are 3 or 4 issues that I am stuck on. One is that neither Grewal nor Murphy is anything but a shrewd political 'survivor'. Two is that no one else in the Conservative party (particularly Mackay and Harper) seem to have said a significant word in defense of Grewal. Three is there are only 3 or possibly 4 people who know who made the first call, so we can't use that information in coming to a conclusion because we'll never know who to believe. (As I've posted before, this is becoming less and less relevant as the implications of the tapes' contents become more obvious.) And four is why would Murphy agree to meet in Grewal's office. Wasn't he the least bit concerned about being noticed? Surely this wasn't the sort of thing that Murphy commonly did. Such an overt meeting doesn't fit with the conspiratorial tone of the tapes.
The only facts I am willing to accept at face value are A) that Murphy and the Liberals have apparently used this modus operandi with other MPs, B) Grewal has it in for Joe Volpe, C) Grewal has been the sole judge of what we have been able to learn about the situation and D) the number of times the words trust, faith and integrity were used in otherwise completely inarticulate, conspiratorial conversations that bordered on pigeon English about a subject which is the antithesis of trust, faith and integrity was pathetically ironic.

Nevertheless, as anyone who has read my posts on the Canadian Constitution is already aware, I see the recent actions by the Liberal party as being a direct threat to democracy in Canada. The following article in the Edmonton Journal is written by Arthur Schafer, Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics at the University of Manitoba. I find it even more significant that this article is being published by a Global-Canwest Media newspaper. Is it possible that even Izzie Asper is getting worried about what his Liberal friends are doing? Probably not, because this is an opinion piece as opposed to an editorial. Still, the fact that such an article is published at all is intriguing. This and other similar articles, in media which are not known for criticizing the Liberal regime, mean that the MSM is preparing to get its hands dirty, if only because bloggers are forcing it on them. But better late than never; Canada needs all the help it can get.

Edmonton Journal: Our democracy is in peril if...

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