Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Today's Gomery Inquiry Headlines

There will be some very interesting developments at the Gomery Inquiry today as the much anticipated results of the forensic audit are revealed. I'll post details later today. The auditors' testimony is expected to take 3 days. Joe Morselli will be appearing at the end of this week.
Last week, I posted a backgrounder on the company that has been conducting this audit: Kroll Lindquist Avey: Forensic Accountants are Gomery inquiry's fraud bloodhounds.

Also today, is an intriguing article in the Ottawa Citizen describing how the the Liberals are sticking the Gomery Inquiry (read taxpayers) with the cost of putting positive Liberal Party spin on the testimony at the Inquiry.
This is yet another example of the Liberal Party of Canada believing itself to be the Government of Canada and using taxpayer's money for it's own non-governmental purposes. Canadian Taxpayers Pick Up $1M Tab For Liberal Party Adscam Defense

A third story today reports that Alphonso Gagliano will not be allowed to work with his former boss Jean Chr├ętien in a court challenge against Judge Gomery.The fact that Gagliano was so presumptuous as to even try to get the judge removed, underscores the incredible arrogance of these people. Apparently they don't own the courts. Yet.
Gagliano Rebuffed


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