Thursday, May 05, 2005


Mr. Kilgour Goes To War

Reuters: Canada Planning Major Darfur Initiative

The story says that Mr. Martin is personally dealing with Mr. Kilgour on the subject of fighting and/or peacekeeping in Darfur in return for Mr. unowho's unowhat when the vote on the budget is held. No word yet on what this will cost, but at least on a humanitarian basis, this might be one of the more "non-selfish" things the Liberals could do. (Of course Darfur doesn't have oil reserves which is why the rest of the world won't do anything, and if the CPC won the next election, they'd likely be left to deal with a horrible situation as best they could. But if you're a Prime Minister who's going to get canned anyway, you might as well make it tough for the next guy.)


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