Monday, May 16, 2005


Liberals May Lose 200,000 Voters But Conservatives Will Lose Many More

Toronto Star May 16, 2005

Hope fades for plan to aid illegal workers
Plan by the Liberal government to legalize up to 200,000 workers could die
Workers live out of a suitcase, trying to keep ahead of police and immigration

A plan to legalize thousands of undocumented workers in Canada's underground economy would be in jeopardy if the Liberal minority government falls as a result of a non-confidence vote on Thursday, says Immigration Minister Joe Volpe.

Talk about largesse. Not one hundred or one thousand or one hundred thousand illegal immigrants. As many as two hundred thousand illegal immigrants will become Canadian citizens if the Liberal government has it's way. How compassionate. Who are these future defenders of Canadian rights, standards and values? Well, they're for the most part people who left 'the old country' and came to Canada in search of a new life. By definition, they are also lawbreakers who have disregarded Canadian immigration laws in order to get to the front of the line. The law-abiding, socially respectful immigrants who do play by the rules and could be expected to instill a likeminded sense of fair play and respect for the law in their communities in general and their offspring in particular, are left to ponder a country that rewards criminal behavior. Illegal immigrants are people who, before they even become citizens show by their very actions what kind of contribution they intend to make to our country. (I think it's fair to say that even an immigration consultant might hesitate to employ someone who says, "Oh, I only stole from you to feed my children but after you give me a job and let me move into your house, I promise never to steal from you again!")
Is there something magical about citizenship that makes lawbreakers suddenly and forevermore respect the law? What exactly is the purpose of an immigration law that is disregarded not only by the immigrants but by the government that is responsible for its creation, administration and enforcement? Immigration is more than a cottage industry in Canada. News stories tell us than human smugglers charge as much as $40,000-$50,000 per person to smuggle people into Canada. Multiply that by even a fraction of 200,000 potential clients and the numbers reach into the hundreds of millions of dollars, easily rivalling Adscam for criminal potential. [CNN May17: Reputed Snakehead human smuggler made tens of millions]
The Federal government has been consulting and studying this complex issue for several years. Why now all of a sudden, must nothing stand in the way of immediate resolution? Why has the future of these masses of people been thrown into a budget bill when there is no conceivable connection between the otherwise totally unrelated issues. Could it be that as the following story in the Toronto Star points out, the legal status of these 200,000 anxious citizens-to-be may not be 'corrected' if Stephen Harper defeats the Liberals in a non-confidence motion this Thursday. Could there be any intent here to influence the voting preferences of their hundreds of thousands of relatives and friends who have already 'made it'? and are now eligible to vote for whichever party promises to change the laws to legitimize the illegitimate? If so, this would be hypocracy in the extreme on the part of the Liberals. Shame on them for sacrificing these poor souls in the name of political expediency.

Hope 'Fades' For Illegal Immigrants

May 20 - Update to This Story.

The following story details how tens of thousands of immigrant lawbreakers are avoiding prosecution for their crimes because the Immigration department is overwhelmed and undermanned. Rather than revisit the criteria by which the worst of these criminals are able to able to enter Canada in the first place, revisit the laws on deportation to make it easier to deal with the most flagrant violators, rather than add manpower to address the daunting task, rather than do any of these things which would only seem sensible to any right thinking person, the Liberal governments answer is exactly this bill which fast-tracks citizenship for the vast majority of illegal aliens, including the ones that their homelands are glad to be rid of. Got a problem enforcing the law? Well, change the law stupid - then presto! Problem Solved!

Immigration Staff Overwhelmed by Lawbreaking Immigrants


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