Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Kroll Report Supports Brault Testimony; Liberals Deny It - Sort of

En plus des 801 627 $ versés directement par diverses agences à la caisse du Parti libéral du Canada (PLC), la firme Kroll Lindquist Avey estime qu’environ 1,8 million $ pourrait avoir été donné indirectement au PLC par Jean Brault et sa firme Groupaction.
Selon les données déposées hier à la Commission Gomery, la plus grande partie de la somme (environ 1,4 million $) a été versée à la société 9004-8612 Québec Inc. (812 065 $), PluriDesign Canada (430 370 $) et Investissement Alain Renaud (153 481 $).

Translation: In addition to the $801,627 paid directly by various agencies to the account of the Liberal party of Canada, Kroll Lindquist Avey estimates that approximately $1.8 million could have been given indirectly to the Liberal party by Jean Brault and his company Groupaction.
According to the evidence given yesterday at the Gomery Commission, approximately $1.4 million of that amount was paid to 9004-8612 Québec Inc, PluriDesign Canada and Investissement Alain Renaud.

Here are links to Quebec's Corporate Registry:
9004-8612 Québec Inc
PluriDesign Canada
Investissement Alain Renaud

The story also reports that the Liberal Party (read "Damage Control Centre") has already responded to this portion ofthe auditor's report by claiming that they "don't remember" such large amounts of money being received. (Apparently, they're not denying the evidence of wrongdoing - just the degree of wrongdoing!)

Read complete story (in French) Canoe Info WebNews May 25:
Brault paid $1.8M to Liberal Party of Canada


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