Friday, May 06, 2005


Ken Dryden: Offensive Star Of The Game

Today's news headlines include: "Ontario signs deal to get hundreds of millions of dollars of daycare money". Mr Nannie, Ken Dryden, cautioned supporters of day care not to trust a commitment from Opposition Leader Stephen Harper that a Conservative government would live up to the agreements the Liberals have signed with Ontario, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and any similar deals reached with other provinces. Dryden said: "A commitment to somebody's else's commitment is not a real commitment."
Well Mr Dryden, you were a great goalie, but the puck stops here. You are the one playing with words. Because if this agreement is in fact a legally binding commitment undertaken by the Government of Canada, then that's that. It could not legally be disregarded and thrown aside by a future government. I will agree with Dryden's assessment if a) he knows that the agreement is not really a legally binding commitment, such as an agreement in principle or b) it is taxpayer money being offered as a bribe to Ontario voters by and for the benefit of the Liberal Party of Canada. In the latter two cases of course a future governent should not only refuse to honour the commitment but make damn sure that Mr Nannie has to find a real job.


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