Monday, May 30, 2005


Duceppe -Je confie à tous: J'suis putain comme les autres! Amêne-moi de l'argent!

Well, chalk another one up for the political whores.
The Montreal Gazette reports today that Gilles Duceppe will support the federal Budget if the Liberals come across with lotsa goodies for Quebec. Why am I not surprised.

Montreal Gazette: Duceppe says Martin can have me too!

Headline translation: Gilles Duceppe - I confess to everyone that I am a whore like all the others. Bring me money!

My Fearless Prediction:

Harper is holding off on dumping Grewal and his wife until he is sure whether or not he needs their votes against the budget. If it becomes clear that the Conservatives have no hope of stopping the budget, look for Harper to cut them loose pdq(or at least suspend them from caucus).


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