Monday, May 23, 2005


Disclaimer: My Polls Are NOT Sexist!

I notice to my horror that all 3 votes cast for my poll: "The Worst Member of Parliament" are for women! This is a terrible shock and will undoubtedly result in an RCMP investigation of me, my internet provider, Bill Gates, Blogspot and Spot my dog! (Actually, his name isn't Spot, but it could have been - and anyway once the Inquisition begins, that fine point will be lost in the mayhem of the ensuing Campaign To Ensure Political Correctness).
For God's sake, it's bad enough that we talk about who're whores and who're not, but think of my children! Think of your children! Please add some votes to the men to even it up. Quick! (Just add enough to make them equal though. Add too many votes for the men and that'll be worse - what they call reverse discrimination!)
Now there's somebody at the front door. I'd better go see who.....

(Btw, the previous poll results were destroyed by mistake. Please vote again.)


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