Friday, May 27, 2005


Are Winds of Change Blowing in Ontario?

Yesterday's Toronto Sun editorial ridiculed the Toronto Star for the Star's take on the Liberals' recent 'difficulties'. It would have been understandable if the Star had responded in kind - although it might have been quite a challenge to rebut the Sun's criticism with any degree of success.
However the Star appears to have 'turned the other cheek' because today's editorials completely ignore Federal issues and its competitor's attack altogether. The only mention of Federal politics comes in a couple of opinion pieces, one of which is by Richard Gwyn. It is a level-headed, unemotional take on the reasons why Canadians find themselves confronted with government corruption, without any effort to excuse or condone the Liberals' behavior. Although Gwyn managed to avoid blaming the Liberals and resisted any temptation to try to pin responsibility for the Liberal follies on the Conservatives, in blaming Canadians themselves for the sorry state of our political existence, he overlooked the most obvious culprit of all: himself and the owner of the Toronto Star from which he accepts his paycheque.
The Canwest Global Media Empire, owned by the Asper family of Winnipeg simply fires editors who don't do their bidding. (See my blog: Free Press: An Oxymoron?) It is indisputable that this media mogul uses the power of his empire to further the Liberal cause at the expense of any opposition. Therefore, Canadians are purposely deprived of and deceived into believing that newspapers such as the Toronto Sun are providing fair and balanced reporting. Unfortunately for Canadian democracy, nothing could be further from the truth.
Nevertheless, this apparent lack of enthusiasm for a fight, coming on the heels of the broadside fired at them by their competitor, shows a remarkable contrast in tone from one day to the next on the part of the Toronto Star. It suggests, perhaps that the Star's editors are rethinking their slavish devotion to the Liberal party, if only to retain some professional dignity. But if this is the case, then they risk jumping from the frying pan into the fire because the Asper Empire will not tolerate anything but unswerving support of the LPC, dispatching all who dare stand in their way.
Honest, unbiased journalism is what all Canadians deserve but the Asper family is determined to ensure that we think only what they want us to think. It's almost too much to hope that there might indeed be a glimmer of light at the end of the Ontario tunnel.

Why we've sunk so low in politics - Richard Gwyn


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