Friday, May 06, 2005


...And For Everything Else, There's Mastercard!

Here is an excerpt from the Quebec webnews l'Actualité

Fri. May 6: "Jeudi, Michel Béliveau, émotif, a avoué avoir accepté près de 100 000$ en petites coupures de Jacques Corriveau, un proche de Jean Chrétien, quelques jours avant le déclenchement des élections de 1997......Il a confirmé avoir reçu cet argent à la permanence du PLC à Montréal, dans des enveloppes remplies de coupures de 20$ et 100$.
"On Thursday, an emotional Michel Beliveau, (former Director of the Liberal Party of Canada) admitted to having received close to 100,000$ in small bills from Jacques Corriveau, a close associate of Jean Chretien a few days before the calling of the 1997 (Federal) election. He confirmed that he received this money at the headquarteres(?) of the Liberal Party of Canada in envelopes filled with 20 and 100 dollar bills." (They didn't think to ask him if the bills were unmarked.)

So this is what a person with direct access to the former Prime Minister of Canada (I don't know anyone who has even SEEN a Prime Minister in person) is reputed to have done. What would Beliveau''s motive be for lying about this? I can't imagine. SO I'm left to suspect that where there is a hell of a lot of smoke, there just might be a wee fire burning. In view of the claims made by the current government that the wrong-doing was the work os a small band of trouble-makers, a statement like this is all I need to make up my mind. This apparently is just one small example of the difference in the reporting between the French media and the English media. No wonder Quebecers think the rest of us are complete fools.

Addendum: As we all now know, the English media eventually got around to reporting this.


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