Monday, May 16, 2005


Adscam is a Criminal Conspiracy: Fact or Fiction?

When I first started musing about a criminal conspiracy in my postings last month, the general consensus at that time seemed to be that all would be well if we could just get the Conservatives elected. Or in the case of the more cynical, it was too late, Quebec would separate and Canada would be doomed regardless. I distinctly remember what responses I did receive were polite but dismissive of my concerns as illogical paranoia and perhaps an overactive imagination.
The following column by Ezra Levant appeared in the Calgary Sun today.

In a news conference in 2000, (Giuliano Zaccardelli, commissioner of the RCMP) warned that the mafia was reaching into Parliament.
"We are seeing signs of criminal organizations that are so sophisticated that they actually are focusing on destabilizing certain aspects of our society. ... There are criminal organizations that target this destabilization of our parliamentary system," he told reporters.

This is too big for the Gomery inquiry, which is limited to the sponsorship program. Gomery has no authority to follow trails of criminal influence outside the sponsorship programs. For example, he disallowed questions about corrupt appointments to the judiciary.

AdScam is only the tip of the Libranos' iceberg.

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The pieces of an unbelievable picture are beginning to appear. Will Canadians be concerned enough to fit them together? Will we wait until every piece is handed to us before we 'recognize' the picture?


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