Sunday, May 22, 2005


The 8 Minute Hour Conspiracy

May 22 - Update: CTV News reports that there are as many as 8 hours of taped conversations between Tim Murphy and Gurmant Grewal!

This latest revelation certainly doesn't look good for the Conservatives; the Liberal spin masters will make certain of that. If Harper was foolish enough to think that he could win at the Librano's game, it's a good thing we aren't having an election yet. But if Grewal did this on his own, then Harper has already waited too long to expel him from the party.
I can hear it now: Paul Martin self-righteously proclaiming to every voter in Canada that he "had the courage to act decisively with Gagliano, but now we can see proof that the Conservatives (and/or Harper) are too....." (fill in the blank). How could anyone dispute that?

Here's my original post of May 19th: The 8 Minute Conspiracy



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