Thursday, May 19, 2005


The 8 Minute Conspiracy

If you subscribe to the theory that the one who initiated the phone call is the guilty party then this is a no brainer. Phone companies have comprehensive records of every single phone call made and received. All you need to do is either a) Have the Speaker of the House summon both parties and demand that they voluntarily produce their phone records, b) launch a parliamentary inquiry or perhaps even legal proceedings and subpoena the records from the phone companies or c) get a brown envelope full of cash and start telling people how much it means to you to get a printout of the phone records. The first 2 options will take some time; the third choice will likely produce results within a week.

But if you opt for this brute-force approach to finding the guilty party, you are completely missing the crucial point of this story. The phone call lasted 8 minutes.
The phone call should never have lasted longer than 30 seconds.

It doesn't matter who made the call. It doesn't matter whether an offer was made. The only question to be answered is whether or not the two men each knew who was on the other end of the phone line. Obviously they did.
The phone call should never have lasted longer than 30 seconds.

Mr A: Hello, is this Mr. B?
Mr.B: Yes, This is Mr. B. Who is calling please?
Mr.A: This is Mr. A. I am calling yo.....
Mr.B: Excuse me. But did you say you are Mr. A, the Mr. A who belongs to the 'other' political party?
Mr.A: Yes, That is correct.
Mr.B: I have nothing to say to you. CLICK!

Try this conversation yourself. See how long it takes to complete the entire exchange.

Once it got beyond this point they are both guilty and both should be expelled from their respective parties. Not that they will be, of course. So can we be forgiven for calling them all whores? Not only the members of ALL parties who actually do these things, but also the ones who should put a stop to it but don't? The ones who should be holding themselves to a higher standard by unreservedly condemning such behavior. The cacaphony of self-important, holier-than-thou indignation and protestations of innocence is just babble. Words without action are less than worthless after the countless broken promises by so many members of Parliament for so many years.

Instead of unequivocal condemnation, the leaders to whom we look for guidance exacerbate the tragedy and betray the oath of office they have all sworn; by condoning, excusing, justifying, rationalizing and pointing fingers at each other. When such behavior by the leaders of our country becomes the norm rather than the exception, they have lost the right to our respect and we are entitled to describe them and their actions by whatever words we choose. We have the right to call them traitors too - the ones who perpetrate these acts of betrayal against our parliamentary system - as well as those who condone these acts by their silence. Are there more appropriate words to describe these disgusting and unprincipled people? Criminals - that would be a more appropriate word - if there was a judiciary with sufficient moral fibre to insist that justice be done for the sake of our country.

Regardless of political affiliation, ALL Canadians MUST be outraged. That one of these 2 individuals initiated the call; that the other did not immediately end the call - that this conversation between these two adversaries - regardless of the outcome - took place at such a crucial time, only underscores the utter contempt and lack of respect they have for us, our government and our country. Sadly, such an act is also manifestation of our own moral decay as a society. That such behavior goes unchallenged, unpunished and quickly forgotten - guarantees the wrong-doing will be repeated until it becomes the norm rather than the exception.
The sad fact is that a different group of politicians will not compensate for a lack of social conscience. Nevertheless, the conspiracy of silence and denial surrounding so much of what the Liberal government has done is unforgivable. God help us. God help our country.

May 20 - Updates to This Story

If, as some media reports (and the remarks themselves) suggest, this was not the first phone conversation these two had, then certainly Murphy doesn't fear the consequences of being found out (which is ominous). Moreover, if Grewal's claim of being approached by Murphy is to be believed, then he (and the Conservative Party?) did the opposition no favours by neglecting to have a lawyer or police present for this call.

May 21 - Go to Captain's Quarters for the latest chapter of this sleazy story.

(Excerpt from CQ:)
"NDP leader Jack Layton has joined with Bloc Quebecois chief Giles Duceppe in calling for an RCMP investigation into potential vote-buying in the case of Gurmant Grewal. Grewal taped two conversations with key Liberal leaders, including PM Paul Martin's chief of staff Tim Murphy, during which Murphy alluded to a future appointment to the Senate for Grewal's wife in exchange for an abstention on Thursday's no-confidence motion"

May 22 - Update: CTV News reports that there are as many as 8 hours of tapes! This should be enough to hang somebody.


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