Saturday, January 01, 2005


The Canwest-Global "News Filtration System"

Free Press in Canada: An Oxymoron?
Well, if you look at the Asper's track record, there's really no other conclusion you can come to with regard to their substantial share of the Canadian media, including print, radio and TV. Here are a couple of articles that should help even the most trusting person to realize that the truth can take many forms, especially when it's being published by Canwest Global media. I'll try to flesh this out as I google around the internet.
Izzy Asper - Lawrence Martin's Perspective
Who Needs Editors

Go to the next link to see which newspapers, TV and radio stations are owned by Canwest-Global. When you click on the appropriate places on the horizontal black bar (next to CANADA.COM' near the top of their page), you'll see a drop-down list of each type of media. When you realize how much of Canada'a media this single family controls, it begs the question of whether the laws concerning concentration and control of media are being respected at all.
Media Controlled by the Asper Family

And go here to see which political party received 100% of all campaign contributions made by this media conglomerate in the 1997 Federal Election Campaign.
1997 Campaign Contributions by Global-Canwest


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